Thanks for offering to help

I hope you are still looking for my reply. First off the book is called Pushing Up People. As far as I can tell its the only book he reads. I have treid to get him to read Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors, and other books that would expose him to the MLM scheme and whats behind it. However he refuses to read anything “negative”.

The latest developments are as follows- first I got a job as a water inspector with the county. It has great benefits and the people are amazing. When we have meetings everyone-says something postive and something negative about thier job. The boss listens to us and tells us what he can and cannot change. Anyway its a great working environment and not an MLM.

My boyfriend on the other hand is still struggling at his job. He keeps saying that he wants to make $100,000 again (like he did with Primerica his first 2 years) and it does feel right to be making $40,000. He is scanning the internet for high paying jobs, but he is not finding anything that “fits his needs”. Its hard to find a job when you have spent 7 years swindling people. At least with his current job he has something positive on his resume.

He suggested that we go to couple counseling so I went just to “see” where he was coming from. He told the shrink that he would never give up Primerica. It came out that he had actually done some research. After I told him my concerns a few months ago he contacted a few people in the finacial industry and asked them if what I was saying was true. They all told him I was the one that was looking too deeply at the company and that Primerica is the only company that “does the right thing”. I wonder how many of the people he contacted are part of MLMs? He says telling him to leave Primerica is like me giving up working in the environment (I have an MS in Biology). I told him it is ok to work in finace-just not Primerica. He went off on how Primerica was the onlly organization that was moral and the only one he could and would work for.

Anyway I do not see much of a future here. But out of curiousity what would you suggest?