Regarding all the work at home

one site I found which seems to be fairly reliable is . They have listings for the online surveys, as well as focus groups and mystery shopping sites.

I enjoy focus groups, and living in Chicago there are a number of companies. Where else can you be paid 50-100 for an hour of your time?

I’ve made a bit of cash from the online surveys, but most sites now seem to enter you into a drawing now, or they pay you in redeemable points.

I did a 6 month project where I would receive mail, log the date I received them, and send them back. I think I made about $ 200 in credits for that one.

Also, mystery shopping can be lucrative, but is extremely labor intensive. The key seems to be being very organized, and accomplishing multiple shops in a day. Also, with most of the mystery shops it takes about 45 days to get paid. There was an article about a woman who made 50k a year as a mystery shopper, but that was probably before her reimbursements for purchases. I’ve shopped a number of 5 star restaurants here, and I know of people who have mystery shopped cruise lines, but you need a lot of experience beofre you can be considered for that.

That’s my .02, but I like the volition site as being fairly well organized, and they seem to keep track of which are legit and which are scams.