Okay, I stand corrected

Your points are more than valid and I did speak a little hastily. Let me restate and explain what I meant. My husband and I do live simply…by following the principles you state..investing 10-15% of our income for over 10 years, living below our earnings, paying off our mortgage and giving up things like cable and restaurants. Because we did this I was able to get out of the workforce 4 years ago and now he will be able to to take a chance at doing something that we WANT to do.

Rereading what I wrote about business ownship being the only vehicle to financial freedom sounds like MLM vomit when in fact I got that principle from E-myth Mastery…and that book made sense to me…there are numerous tax advantages to owning my own business, which does help me to get ahead.

My husband and I both made really good money and were very good at what we did…the problem is that there is no job security in corp america any more. Seniority just increases the likelyhood of getting laid off. My husband is on call 24X7 for an extremely demanding company who recently announced no raises or bonuses..and then followed up the announcement with a 200 person layoff. The cost savings for this funded the upper management bonuses. We have decided to get out of the hampster wheel. We would rather cut lawns, service computers or clean houses for a living if necessary knowing that WE control our destiny.

According to what we’ve researched, a lot of businesses fail due to poor planning…techies with a great idea don’t learn to operate like an entrepreneur..E-myth mastery subscribes to the idea that this skill can be learned. We’ve done our homework and put together a plan both short and long term that seems viable. We’ve made sure that the business is viable, it seems almost recession proof. If it doesn’t pan out we are still young enough to get back in the workforce if we have to.

That was what I had intended to convey. Thanks for setting the record straight. I think that you should start your film production company. What do we work for if not to do the things that we love? Good luck!

P.S. Stating the flip side of the coin or the bigger picture is not arguementative. Perhaps I needed a little levity as my husband hands in his resignation in 48 hours! No more JOB that’s a pretty big deal.