I will give you a brief reminder of my situation

When I met my boyfriend I had no idea that he was working for a MLM. After a few months of dating I went to a couple of meetings and I was appalled.
My boyfriend had been working in the computer industry until his company got bought out by another. He decided he did not like the corporate world and joined Primerica through an acquaintance. At first he made quite a bit of money, and then it all fell apart. I met him when he was going bankrupt. It took having all of his savings, and second mortgage money running out to finally get him to apply to a real job. He got lucky and on the third interview he got a good job.

He recruits medical professionals for hospitals across the country. The computer program for his job was not efficient. So he wrote a program that allows him to work much faster then everyone else. He is winning all sorts of awards at work because he is able to place so many people. However he is still collecting money from Primerica. He gives Primerica $40.00 a month for the privilege of using their webpage! He wants a job that he can collect residual income like Primerica. So he is not completely satisfied with his current work. Sometimes I get nervous that he will return to Primerica. He talks about it with such affection. His things if only X had happened then it would have worked.

Although I must say he is defiantly starting to change for the better. He is no longer around other Primerica people so his thinking is getting more rational. He wants to take a computer class so he can learn the latest language and be competitive for jobs in his field. I have watched him meet people just to talk rather then recruit them. He is trying to act like a professional by dressing and talking like someone with a master’s degree rather then the low lives that are drawn to Primerica. I have to remind him not to swear or to make jokes about burping. But it is much, much, better then it was a few months ago.