Hi, thought I’d post an update

I last posted a year ago, when my daugther was being controlled and mentally and physically abused by her Amway husband. A few months ago he caused her serious physical injury and she finally left him for good. She prosecuted him, and he pled guilty to disorderly conduct, which was the best we could get at the time becasue of the unavailability of the prosecutor who’d been handling the case up to that point and the fact that he got a good lawyer to try and get him out of it. He came to our home and assaulted me, and that case is still pending. He actually has the audacity to be fighting my daughter for custody of the two children now. His mother, the Amway psycho from hell, still feeds the kids Nutrilite vitamins and food replacement pills and shakes that are not recommneded for children their ages (8 months old and 2 years old).
Our grandson has had considerable gastrointestinal problems. But the good news is that she is safe, she is home with us, and she is free from Quixtar. The first time we went to a store and bought some beauty products she was thrilled, as it had been years since she’d gotten to look at anything but Amway products, and she couldn’t believe how inexpensive and good they were- it had only been a few years, and she had forgotten that- isn’t that sad? She is now in school and doing wonderfully and enjoying her life, besides the legal battles with him. I have to say that the family’s upline, Dan Smith, was totally and utterly inappropriate in attending Kyle’s hearings and trying to vouch for him when he had knowledge of the physical abuse all along. I am disgusted with his so-called morals. My daughter was hospitalized because of the abuse, and thank God she got out before anything worse happened. Thanks for listening, and thanks for all the advice and support. I look back at the messages now and wonder what I would have done if I hadn’t had the support of the blog.