I have been watching the news eager to hear more bad things about Citibank

I know it is not good to gloat over the misfortunes of others. However Primerica has finically hurt millions of people and citibank owns them. Primerica claims to be a fortune 500 company because of its assocation with Citibank. They went from a 200 billion dollar company to a 20 billion dollar company.

I am crossing my fingers that Primerica falls apart due to Citibanks evitable demise. It would be nice if Primerica is exposed for the fruad that it is before it gets dismantled.

Thanks very much for your post

My husband and I can certainly relate. He still doesn’t want to admit how badly we were duped by people we liked and trusted — we don’t talk about the “Amway Days” (1996-2004).
It drove a wedge between us too, because he stayed “plugged in” for far longer than I did.

I believe that’s why there is so much talk in the tapes about “ignore your negative spouse — he/she will come around when he/she sees you succeed!” Usually one of the spouses gets a clue before the other one does, and then the tool money is at risk. Therefore, spiel is recorded on tape to keep the remaining spouse hooked for as long as possible, draining bank accounts for as long as possible. It’s an insidious thing.

Billy Florence was our upline Diamond, and I noted with interest that he was one of the ones who got his business taken away by Amway Corporate awhile back. Dunno what he’s doing nowadays, nor what our immediate upline Direct did when that house of cards fell.