I joined Arbonne with the hope of

retiring my husband from his stressful 20+ year job in computers in corp america. Since the Arbonne thing didn’t pan out, we are starting our own company, and using his experience in computers to do this. Suggest this to your boyfriend, maybe he can sell the program that he wrote! business ownership is the only true avenue to financial freedom.

Second, take a look at some of the books about Amway, ie ‘Merchants of Deception’ which you can download for free. They are hauntingly familiar! Maybe this will help your boyfriend see the truth. You should read them yourself to see where his mind is at.

Third, you are going to have to let his involvement run it’s course. We don’t want to believe that we’ve been duped! We’ve been brainwashed to believe that our failure is our fault. I’ve come to believe that MLMs are like gambling we keep thinking this time we’ll hit the jackpot, we’ll find our ace and make our next level. Only statistically it’s IMPOSSIBLE much worse than playing the lottery…

As far as still collecting money, maybe he deserves that! My thought is that if he isn’t putting in more than he’s getting, why NOT? On the other hand, I had to get out completely so that I would not be tempted to place the necessary $100 order just to get a small commission check…I had to realize my limititations…

Whatever you do, have some patience with him. It sounds like he is coming out of the fog. Best wishes to you and to him.

Thanks for the suggestion

My Bf just got his 90 day reveiw. They think he is great. They are not aware of the computer program he set up. My bf is frustrated at the low pay of this job and he is applying to computer jobs. When he was programming at home he was happy. So I hope it works out for him. No matter what he does he will be happiest in front of a computer.