I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop today and

witnessed some guy pitching United First Financial. To me, this one is a lot worse than than the others because it’s $3500 to get their stupid software. The pitcher was encouraging the guy to take a second mortgage out to make the system work.

The poor working schmuck (he works for a landscaping business) kept signing contentedly about how he was going to be able to pay his house off so much faster and how that will help him. The pitcher also was “helping” him make a list of all the people he can recruit into his “branch”

He also pulled out some financial magazine that had a puff piece about their technique.

If they hadn’t left together, I was going to tell the guy to google United First Financial and Dave Ramsay. (who has a very succinct explanation why it’s a farce).

Again, the most disgusting part MLM recruiting is the mind-fu**ing that they do to people. They find out what people’s dreams are, then use them to manipulate. It really irritates me. It’s like a sexual predator talking a teenager into going up their room or something. Makes my skin crawl.