Thank you for a great laugh!

I’m a former teacher with a wide range of experience, mostly because I worked special ed, and also because I did work for a while in private school settings as well.

There is just no way you’re going to convince me of this, especially considering how much AW twists the truth to keep their people in the organization.

If you’re saying that this refers to AW kids who are home schooled, then that is totally beyond belief. I’ve worked with many parents in home schooling. I would never want kids home schooled. They *always* have significant gaps in their education that their parents don’t see and I have yet to meet a kid with extensive home schooling experience who did not have significant social problems.

So if you’re here to learn, why are you telling us all this stuff?

Oh, and thanks, again, for a good laugh — I mean a literal “laugh out loud” laugh!