I get those offers all the time and since I have been trying to find work to

do from you so I can stay with my disabled wife, I tried about 5 different “online surveys”. They all had similar questions, but all first required that you give them everything short of blood type. I would give them the info and proceeded to go through 20 minutes or more of answering questions about products and other interest of mine. About this time I would get a window popping up on my screen telling me I did not qualify because I did not fit the demographics they were looking for and I should try again later. There would then be a thank you and it was over…but really it wasn’t! I had given them just what they wanted and they did not pay a dime. These people putting out the “make money for taking a survey” email never really wanted me to qualify for anything. They already got what they needed for free. They got all my personal info so they could load it on a CD or sell it to a marketing firm to turn around and sell it to someone else and make a bundle of money. Every one of those “make money for taking a survey” I have dealt with was a scam.
Some of the surveys tell you that youi must disable your firewall or other protections before teking the survey so they can get other info off your computer without your knowledge. I did not even talk to them. Others track you by your email address or other personal info, but many will promose you that no one will contact youi unless you opt in by checking some box on the survey screen. This is also often a lie. As a test I used a temporary email address and gave a bunch of bogus personal information and indicated I had no interest in hearing from them or ANY of their associated. I gave a very unique mispelling of my name and within the week I was getting junk emails from at least 12 different companies all addressing me by my mispelled name. I had never even finished the survey each time because I was told they were not interested in me.
In another effort to test the truth of the survey I exited the survey, cleared all my cookies and temp files from my computer, rebooted and took it again and again, each time using a different email address and deliberately answered the questions in a different way. Not one time did I ever get to the part where I got paid for the survey, even after answering some questions for over an hour.
If you found some places that are legit, great! I sure haven’t.